Coins in the Kingdom

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What’s better to do the first weekend of October, 2014 then go to Disney World to attend a conference about bitcoin.  Coins in the Kingdom was an intimate gathering of interesting and important people in the bitcoin space. There was even a wedding.  Some of the more memerable talks for me included:

  • The Future of Bitcoin talk with Jeffrey Tucker and Andreas Antonopoulos
  • P2P Courts and Smart Contracts by Pamela Morgan
  • Decentralize All The Things by Paige Peterson
  • The Dangers of Reputation and Trustless Systems by Brian Sovryn
  • Storj: Decentralized Cloud Storage by Shawn Wilkinson

I think the best part of the conference was meeting and talking with the speakers.  Since the conference was small it was easy meeting, and having lunch with anyone you were interested in meeting.