To me a technologist is someone who shares a passion for technology, and it’s application.  I’m interested in a wide variety of technologies, from bitcoin to 3d printing.  This page contains posts containing my thoughts on almost any subject that interests me.


bitcoin development

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My background is in Java and I also have done a lot with Javascript, so there are a number of different ways to interface with the bitcoin blockchain (as well as other blockchains).  I’m currently working with these technologies: Node.js insight BitcoinJS express bitcoinj android sdk  

bitcoin and me

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I stumbled upon a blog posting August 2012 describing Bitcoin.  There were a few items that stood out in my mind that made this interesting: Open Source software, this was important to me because it mean that I can actually look at the code and understand how it is constructed.  I also means that it the code can be reviewed … Read More

Coins in the Kingdom

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What’s better to do the first weekend of October, 2014 then go to Disney World to attend a conference about bitcoin.  Coins in the Kingdom was an intimate gathering of interesting and important people in the bitcoin space. There was even a wedding.  Some of the more memerable talks for me included: The Future of Bitcoin talk with Jeffrey Tucker and … Read More